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How To Install Astro Turf

Artificial Grass is a very simple DIY product to install, and can be laid in two ways, permanently or temporarily, on either a solid ground or ontop of a base of sand/soil.

Permanent Installation

  1. Accurately measure the size of your garden, the longest and widest points are needed.
  2. If you are laying onto an existing grass area, remove all existing grass and vegetation to a depth of between 3cm and 5cm. NOTE: We recommend creating a border around the edge of your garden using wooden battens, but you do not have to do this, as the grass can be secured straight into the soil/sand underneath.
  3. Fill your area with sharp sand and use a hand roller or a vibrating plate to level, flatten and compact your base. The same needs to be done even if you are not using sand and are installing straight onto earth – your surface must be hard and flat. If you have created a border using wooden battens then the sand/soil needs to be absolutely level with these beams, so it is one flat surface.
  4. Install a weed barrier over your surface, pin this using stainless steel nails or garden staples.
  5. If the size of your garden allows you, then decide which way you would like the pile, there will be a shade variation depending on which way you choose.
  6. Allow yourself 5cm extra over hanging on each side to make sure you get a perfect cut.
  7. Leave your grass laid out overnight to acclimatise, this will decrease the chance of creases and will also ‘air the pile’ up.
  8. Pin the edges of the Artificial Grass with galvanised nails or garden staples into either the sand/soil or your wooden battening.
  9. Brush up the pile of your Artificial Grass using a stiff brush.

Temporary Installation

  1. Clear your area, pin or nail to temporarily stick down the grass to your surface, it can be pulled up using strength, but the wind will not be able to get under it and rip your Artificial Grass off the surface.
  2. If you are temporarily laying onto decking then staple the grass around the edges.
  3. Loose lay the Artificial Grass and use heavy furniture or garden ornaments to hold the Artificial Grass to your surface.